ART of ADHD Community
ART of ADHD Community

ART of ADHD Community & Academy

Move from Frustration to EASE with ADHD Support, Accountability, and High Impact Courses.

Who is the ART of ADHD Community for?

ART of ADHD Community
Catalina & Jeremy created the ART of ADHD Community and the ART of ADHD Academy to provide a community offering consistent, high-quality ADHD support, leveraging a combination of: 

  • Both Professional and Peer mentoring, coaching, & training
  • Learning facilitated by Professional Coaches & Industry Experts who specialize in supporting ADHD Adults

ART of ADHD Academy (coming soon)
In the ART of ADHD Academy, we're taking some of the best Peak Performance training programs for Mental & Emotional Fitness. Then we're tweaking them to them more accessible, practical, and translatable to real life, for ADHD Adults, including communities of support.

The ART of ADHD Community and Academy have been created to provide quality ADHD Support, Education, and Training for ADHD people like you.

Why You Should Join Us

In the ART of ADHD Community, you'll find a community of supportive Adults who really "get" you. 

What you'll get:

  1. Basic Membership

    • Community, Support, and Connection in the ART of ADHD for 52 weeks a year!
      • Connect with an intimate community of highly driven, non-judgemental, supportive, & compassionate ADHD Adults who get you
    • Access to an extensive, growing Resource Library of Adult ADHD workbooks, planners, infographics, & more!
    • 3x Thursday Thunder Body Double (Virtual Co-Working) Sessions each month
    • Exclusive interactions with the Co-Founders (including an ADHD Coach trained at ADDCA)
    • Special Discounts for additional membership tiers, only available to inaugural Basic Members!

  2. NEW! Learn & Grow Membership,
    Available now!

    • FREE UPGRADE only during
      ADHD Awareness Month,
      October 2021!

      • This means, if you join with the Basic Membership during October 2021, you can upgrade to the Learn & Grow Membership with your 1st month FREE!
      • Only for ADHD Awareness month, we'll be doing THREE Live Events on ADHD & Emotions - covering Awareness, Relationships, Time & Productivity as from the perspective of ADHD & Emotions.
    • Everything in the Basic Membership (see above)
    • Monthly Know Your ADHD Webinar
      • Webinars will be live, on the 2nd Saturday of each month
        (beginning October 9th with ADHD & Emotions)
      • Learn & Grow Members get free access to...
        • Each live, monthly Know Your ADHD webinar
        • All previous monthly webinars
        • All downloadable materials included with each webinar (strategy guides, workbooks, handouts, etc)

  3. Our Group Coaching Membership Community will become available later in 2021, including everything in the Basic Membership + Learn & Grow Membership, plus....
    • Meet 3x each week* with live support to:
      • Start your week strong
      • Recalibrate mid-week
      • Finish strong with guided body double session
    • Group Coaching sessions with the co-Founders

*NOTE:   3x each week (Sunday, Tues, Fri - coming soon!)
........... + 1x each week (Thursday Thunder - Basic Members)
...........  = 4x Total live sessions each week! (This is IN ADDITION to group coaching!)

About Us

Jeremy and Catalina founded the ART of ADHD Community to:

  • Foster a safe and supportive environment where ADHD Adults can connect with others who "get" them
  • Provide on-going, high quality ADHD Support, Education, and Training for ADHD Adults.

Catalina Bajuyo Finck holds a diverse background that reflects her Intensity, Compassion, and Diverse interests:

  • Event Planning
  • Organizational Development
  • Program Management
  • Early Childhood Education.
  • Leadership roles in
    • Non-Profits
    • Community, Environmental, and Volunteer Organizations

Catalina leaves indelible imprints on every community she leads. She is well known for her ability to foster strong, heart-centered communities of service.

Jeremy Finck thrives on his passion for helping others:

  • See and Act on the best in themselves
  • Explore and Discover how to incorporate more of what lights up their life
  • Develop powerful, sustainable and meaningful strategies that make a difference
  • Shift perspectives & find solutions to challenging problems
  • Facilitate Learning & Training focused on developing skills and habits that generate progressive, sustainable and transformational growth

Jeremy has long-time hyperfixations with Neuroscience, Health & Wellness, and Human Performance. He is known for his patient, empathetic, and compassionate approach. Jeremy received his ADHD Coach training at the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) in 2020. 

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